Two Key Trends in our Missions System

In this video, I explain how it is helpful to view our missions movement as a "system". "Systems thinking" allows us to see that the very nature of partnership is changing. It is being shaped by some generational trends and environmental factors. These in turn, are shaping our expectations of each other and requiring that we come together to recalibrate how we work together.
"Michael Goodman writes about systems thinking and organisational learning. He says that ultimately, the systems perspective looks to 'identify patterns of behaviour' rather than just isolated problems and issues. And this is exactly what this research has revealed: Patterns of problems and behaviour."
(From page 32 of OBtAoA)

"Haines says that the solution for addressing systematic problem is: 'Don’t simply fix the problem; fix the system.' This is important simply because a poor system can hijack a good missionary. A poor system can undermine the efforts of good organisations."
(From page 33 of OBtAoA)