These are some of the most useful books and websites relating to missions and partnership in missions that I can recommend.
This is a book I am glad to have been part of. Over a period of two years, a group of people from local churches and mission agencies in Singapore met to wrestle with issues relating to partnership in missions. The working group used Dr Liew's dissertation model to applied the findings, further developed the model and document good practice guidelines. This unique book emerged from the discussions and case studies which we wrote. Both the research and their journey are a relational model for partnership practice.
Wherever movements of the gospel have occurred, visionary people and apostolic structures have been essential. Mission leader Sam Metcalf shows how God has always worked through entrepreneurial individuals and organisations that launched out in fresh ways. He gives biblical and missiological foundations for missional movements, showing how mission agencies and local churches are both essential and equally valid manifestation of the church.
This is one of the books which helped me understand what it takes for a local church to build its own sodality (what I call in my book, a "Local Church-Based Mission Agency" (LCBMA)). One of my contentions is that if local churches want a greater ownership of the missions sending process, this is an admirable vision to have - as long as they are willing to allocate the resources and intentionally build the processes, structures and experience that would otherwise be shared with an independent mission agency. Some churches which are trying to direct send their missionaries have done this, many others have not. Often, it is the missionaries and indigenous partners who lose out when the latter happens. I appreciate the way Berin has described what it took for them to develop their capacity to be a LCBMA. If a local church does not have the means to do this, partnership is a very good alternative.